The Renegades have now reached Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John in two new installments of our rocky voyage through this mysterious text.

On the first new page, Strange Brew, we try to map the meaning of John’s eccentric violations of chronology in Chapters 1-3 — his front-and-center juxtaposition of the water-into-wine miracle at Cana, the expulsion of money-changers from the temple, the debate with Nicodemus — and of the relentless theologizing that, alone among the Evangelists, he attributes to Jesus.

On the second page, Renegade Rebellion, a surge of visceral disenchantment dominates our reading of chapters 3-6. We struggle to find a way of understanding what John’s up to that can overcome our growing alienation from his portrait of a dogmatic, self-obsessed, self-proclaimed savior.

Come read along with us and join the debate! Thanks for following the Gospel Renegades.