We Renegades have completed our voyage through the gospel according to John — deep perplexities, heated disputes, inspired digressions and all. Three new pages track our wayward course to the shore of Lake Tiberias where, in John’s last chapter, the risen Jesus hails his floundering disciples to join him for the fish-fry he’s got sizzling on the griddle.

In Passion and Doubt, we navigate John’s unique account of events leading up to the crucifixion, and delve into the John-only story of Doubting Thomas. In My End Is My Beginning finds us in uncharted water as we explore the mysteries of the resurrection and of the gospel’s double ending. Finally, in a freewheeling Coda, we contemplate the earliest known portrait of John and let the winds of wonder take us where they will — to Aristotle, Dostoevsky, Wallace Stevens and more.

Feel free to join us for a scintillating debate around the campfire, and thanks as always for following the Gospel Renegades.