From time to time, each of the Gospel Renegades will be posting solo reflections on themes related to our discussion of the gospels. These postings range from drafts of formal articles to very informal musing. Bob Connor is first out of the gate with a couple of drafts for your consideration and comments.

UPDATE December 2013
Bob has become convinced that we have to take Mark seriously as a writer. His reading of the gospel ultimately leads him to provocative comments about a minimalist Christianity.

A SACRED IMPERATIVE asks the intriguing question, When is an imperative not an imperative, and what does that mean for our reading of texts such as the gospels? Visit Bob’s personal website to read the draft hot off the press. Comments and criticisms welcome, either by email to Bob or just enter your comment in the reply box below.

W. ROBERT CONNOR       Taking Mark Seriously

W. ROBERT CONNOR       What’s a Gospel?
Comments: William Berg, Gary Pence

W. ROBERT CONNOR       “Mark” and the “Herodians”
Comments: Richard McKim

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